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These are not good times for pigeons. They are hunted down because councils do not want them in cities for hygienically questions like craps that they leave on the ground and especially on the windshields of cars. For governments it is not question of placing toilets for them on the cities because their brains are so tiny such for thinking about.

But not all is bad news for them. There are still people who find them useful. This is the case of some Colombian drug dealers who used ingenious techniques with pigeons for helping them to smuggle with drug.

A recent example that one can read on newspapers is about a pigeon which was caught outside a prison in Colombia guilty of drug trafficking after being overloaded its body with marijuana.

The pigeon was trying to fly from a prison in Bucaramanga, to the other site of the town, with the drug attached to his body. However the flight plan of the bird was thwarted due to the excess of illicit goods that drug dealers had placed in the body of the pigeon.

- "This is a new case of criminal ingenuity" - a commander of the Metropolitan Police in Bucaramanga, said - "They tried to smuggle drugs using pigeons but it was impossible for the bird to achieve its objective because of overweight

The pigeon was eventually arrested by the police and drug traffickers were convicted for dealing with drug, also for animal abuse.


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