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I have never believed on winning something playing on the Internet and less on sweepstakes, where the possibility of getting a big prize is in function of the people who are playing. For example if there are one million of people applying for winning ten million dollars, you have only one possibility among one million.

Recently, a friend of a friend told me that his uncle was going on a Caribbean cruise because of winning a draw on a web page on the Internet. If playing normal lottery on your country is difficult, I can imagine what difficult must be playing online where you don’t have any control about the situation, you must trust on it, because there are not, in a manner of speaking, a TV show which gives you the good feeling of trusting really on it.

For sure that if you never play on lottery you won’t win any and money that you save, you can say, but the possibility of winning is there waiting for you, and in the most cases you decides to play.

For example, you and your friend are on a shop lottery and you don’t want to buy any ticket, but as you see that your friend is buying one, you decide to buy the same ticket because isn’t question that he would win and you no, simply because you don’t want to play.

All is question of good or bad luck. There are people who all their lives have bought lottery tickets without winning nothing and others who playing on one only day become millionaires.


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