- C. Nders had lost his work some years ago because of the alcohol and drugs; his wife because she abandoned him as a dog for a filthy millionaire; his house because it burned one night when he fell asleep with a cigarette in his mouth. Totally ruined and begging on the street he got some coins and decided his last chance in this crazy world. He entered on a pub with connexion to the Internet and paid for three hours of connexion. He remembered that some times ago he had some coins on a PayPal account, so he took that money and started to play on the best casino online. Nowadays C. Nders has recovered all the money that he had thank you to the black hole number 13.

- R. Ithmetic was a worried maths teacher and he was trying to find some mathematical process for getting quickly a jackpot from online casinos. It took him only some hours when a simple mathematical equation gave him hundreds of jackpots. His formula secret is nowadays more searched than Coca-cola drink.

- P. Glet was on a rehabilitation centre for people with problems with addiction to games online. He was very concerned about playing online slots and he was very glued to that kind of games until the point of passing hours and hours wasting money without stop. His unique ambition in this life was to get three strawberries that would give him the jackpot. One night, when nurses were watching the last episode of an amazing TV series of love, he could access to the computer on the second floor and started to play. Not even five minutes passed that P. Glet got in front of his eyes the three beautiful strawberries. Miraculously, the next day was in perfect health and some days later he was discharged.

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