- M. Bitter was tired of playing slots on bars and restaurants. His system for cheating the slot machine with a mobile phone, trick that has learned from Chinese people, always gave him the jackpot. He needed a new aim, a new ambition project for becoming richer than he was playing and cheating slot machines everywhere. It happened one day when he realised that the only fact of touching a physical slot machine gave him repugnance, knowing that another person could put their dirty hands on the machine. Is for that he started to play slots online, because only your hands would touch the keys on the keyboard for playing and it was his bankruptcy, because all the tricks that he tried for cheating the software were a big failure.

- All the people play blackjack online. It is a trend best than poker or bridge, and for L. Ephant, who always did what all the people did, it was only question of entering on one of the hundreds of web pages where you can play. But the big problem for him was not to know the rules of the game. He started playing impulsively all the night touching buttons and betting big quantities of money, because how many money he lost, many money he bet for trying to recuperate all which had lost. On the dawn he was begging on the street.

- T. Ssue had inherited a big fortune from his grand-mother, so the first thing that he did was to buy a laptop. Without knowledge about new technologies or what Internet represents on the life of people the first page that he visited was one that said best online casino play and win money. As an avaricious person that he was, he bet all his fortune on the black hole number 13. Nowadays you can see him on the cathedral doors with a sign where you can read: “I need money for eating today

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