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Repellent boy was in the park feeding pigeons. His mother gave him money for buying the bread as every day, but today, instead of returning quickly at home for fear of the bogeyman, he stopped at the central Park of the city.

He took a bit of the French bread and started to feed pigeons. How many bits of bread he spread on the ground more and more pigeons were coming to eat around him. For a moment he disappeared under the hundreds of pigeons which gathered around him.

Luckily for repellent boy, a police man was doing his patrol there, so with a loud blowing of whistle scared all the pigeons. Repellent boy, stunned and lying on the ground asked the police man to return him at home.

When his mom saw his son brought by the police man, she knew that something bad had happened, but she thought that enough punishment he had had as for punish him again at home, so she left that repellent boy watched TV until bedtime.


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