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I watched for first time on the TV series “FlashForward” the mysterious dead of hundreds of blackbirds as results of scientific experiments. And sometimes fiction becomes reality, especially when you read on the newspapers news about things that you have watched on TV that for sure only belong to the fiction world.

It really happened in Louisiana, Kentucky some days ago, where 4,000 or more dead birds have been found lying on the ground. How we can consider it? As a crazy scientific experiment that scientists didn’t have managed well at all?

A woman found dozens of dead birds in her yard. Talking with her, she said:

- “It was horrible! Instead of tomatoes our vegetable garden was full of dead birds. If at least we could eat them on the week-end barbecue, but authorities are picking up them carefully saying that they are poisonous”

People are saying some theories about:

- It’s the signal of the end of world
- It’s by fault of smokers and their damned smoke on the air.
- God punished birds for shitting on the windshields of cars.

Anyway, it can’t be considered as a collective suicide because they don’t have awareness about what they represent on the world. Happier than a bird that can fly where they want there aren’t other specimen on the Earth. It must have been executed by people who hate birds at all.


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