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Generally we blame about failures on systems, hardware bugs, pieces bad built, engine errors… for justifying that something doesn’t work, but sometimes the big error is committed by human beings.

It usually happens when you are travelling on a plane. Planes are the most quickly manner to travel from one site to another, but it happens too that they are the machine the most delicate and they must carefully be revised every day for fixing possible damages, thing that involves retards on the flight, anxiety on the passengers, and distrusting on the mean of transport.

And, as I said before, not always is because of the machine, human beings have too partly to blame. It happens on this news that I recently read: “Plane makes emergency landing after pilot spills coffee

You are quietly travelling on the plane when on the loudspeakers you heard the voice of the pilot commandant:

- “…we have a little problem with the left motor, so we must land on the nearest airport. Sorry for the inconvenience!”

And in reality it was because the pilot was drinking his coffee and he spilt it on the radio control.

Circumstances as this news tell us must happen every day, what succeed is that is most easy to blame machines that consider it as human errors.


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