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When unemployment raises people become crazy at all, especially when they lose their jobs. You must pay a lot of bills and to do face at every day needs, and when there isn’t money on the pockets, everything for getting money is good. But this “good” have a consideration: “It is good for them because they need, but bad for the society, in particular when it comes from bad actions”

Things that you haven’t to do for getting money:

- Robbing a casino isn’t a good solution. For many hours that you had passed watching Ocean’s eleven you aren’t George Clooney or Brad Pitt, they are actors and they acted on a film, far away of the reality that you can find on a real situation trying to assault a real casino.

- Kidnapping a person and ask for a ransom. Generally people with money have bodyguards and their security is extreme. Anyway as you aren’t a professional sure that the person that you take on hostage dies in two days.

- Mugging people on the street. It might be that people that you are mugging on the street are on a similar situation as you: without money on the pockets because of credit crunch and unemployment, so it will be lost time trying to get money where there aren’t.

The best solution is a simple job that always works: begging on the street hoping that people who have money take pity of you.


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