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For incredible that it can be if you lose your pet don’t try to hang posters on the street for requesting information about its disappearance or you can be fined by the local council.

This story happened to a man who, so desperate to find his lost cat, hung posters of the missing pet to trees in his neighbourhood. Local authorities told him that if he didn’t remove all the posters nailed on the street the council would be obliged to fine him with 1000 pounds of punishment.

This action of nailing posters was considered by the council as an environmental damage, especially for people who are allergic to cats. Even the bad quality of the printing poster and some spelling errors on the text could damage the sight of some kind of people.

As well local police had found some fallen posters on the street, thing that you know is a bad action because paper must be throw on the recycling containers.

So the man was obliged to recuperate all the posters that he had nailed on the neighbourhood for avoiding the penalty.

In declarations to this humble blog he told me:

- “It’s incredible when they waste millions on papers with their nasty faces for we vote them”

Might be the council had reason and the man instead to operate for himself it would be best to ask for permission.


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