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Yesterday I watched this film “The fourth kind” about alien abductions and if you search the truth on the movie you will be disappointed because as happens on documentaries, books, etc. the only thing that they offer you is to believe or not. Similar happens when you are going to the church and hearing the priest you realises that the truth isn’t there about religion, God and miracles… because it is only a good plot of our humanity.

I don’t understand because all this kind of films of abductions and encounters with aliens generally focalises more on painful scenes where extraterrestrial people are worst than the first settlers on the new world. All is confusion, pain and horror about a strange civilisation that come to the Earth for studying human bodies on a white laboratory. And when they return you to the Earth you don’t remember anything.

If at least those abductions had served for healing people with diseases, things would have been very different, because we would see aliens, as a good civilisation that come here to help us. But instead help us, they offer us on films only a feeling of mystery and horror…

Really we are not prepared for receiving an alien civilisation, because all this time, especially on movies or TV series, our mind is more afraid about them than to try of establishing some kind of friendship. The most probable on watching an alien on the window of your house is taking a big knife and follow it screaming: “OUT OF HERE DAMNED JERK OR I CALL THE POLICE!”


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