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One day you wake up and you realize that you have a terrible toothache. Yes, it’s time to call the dentist and ask for an appointment for checking your tooth and verifying if really there is a tooth decay which gives you much pain.

But, what happens? That when the moment arrives for going to the dentist you feel better, or you consider that with some pills of ibuprofen or similar against aching you don’t need dentist services. Anyway, you really are scared of going to the dentist because you have horror memories about past experiences in the patient consultation.

Going to the dentist isn’t agreeable. It’s the worst experience that you can have, because despite all the new technological advances and performances that had had on medical services, dentists continues with the routine of doing suffer patients. It’s not funny to pass fifteen minutes of your life with the mouth open while a guy is rummaging through your tooth with sharp drills.

The worst of all this is that patients could be guilty of changing their mind missing voluntary or involuntary their appointments with the dentist as I read worried on this information: “Patients who miss dental appointments should be fined

Sometimes there are real reasons why it’s just not possible for a patient to keep an appointment with their dentist and everybody understands that, but you simple understood patient, will be afraid twice: one for the need of going to the dentist and another for paying a fine if you miss your appointment.


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