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John was tired. His last mission on the Cameroon searching a lost cousin of Dr. Makele left him exhausted at all, especially because he must run faster on the jungle followed by lions, rhinoceros, gorillas and other wild animals.

Without exit in his mission, and trying to search an excuse for telling to his customer, he realised that the e-mail that he had received from Dr. Makele was a fake spam. So, he learned a big lesson: “Don’t answer fake spam e-mail or you can be injured

Is for that, John was peering on the shop window for buying a karaoke player. He needed to forgot quickly his last fail, so a loud karaoke would be for him best than some pills for headache. Anyway his best hobby was feeding pigeons in the park, so might be that it was hour to take more time for him.

- There are a lot of karaoke machines on your shop, can you tell me what about would be the best for me? – asked John to the shop assistant.

- Do you have neighbours who are claiming always about TV volume, loud music and street noises? - asked the shop assistant to John.

- Yes, especially a grandma who lives on the third floor. She is hard of hearing but always is claiming that my alarm clock awakens her. Too I have a neighbour who works at night so every sound that he feels on the morning when he is sleeping puts him in a rage and starts to banging the walls, and now that I think my neighbour of the fourth floor…

John went out of the shop realizing that karaoke wasn’t for him, luckily for pigeons.


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