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Ask the technician and he will solve your doubts:

“Hi, I have a laptop, with 8GB of memory and 1GB dedicated video. Every game I run is going super fast with maximum graphics performance, but when I connect it to my 42'' LCD TV with a HDMI cable every 2 minutes or less crashes about 10 seconds but only on TV, on the laptop everything runs great.

I have spoken with the technical service of my TV, but they told me that it is most a problem about optical cables than for the TV. I bought another one on an optimized cable company, but the problem persists still.

Thanks in advance for any help.

P.S. The gap occurs in the TV not on the laptop.”


1. Easy, try it on another TV to confirm that the TV is the one with the problem. If the problem is on the TV, for sure that your call to the staff of the TV technical service didn’t serve for nothing, so they must be laughing still of you. You can claim for fixing it if the TV is under guarantee.

2. If the problem persists on a different TV, try another and another until the problem is fixed. There are millions of different TV on the world, so for sure that you will find a compatible one. If after trying millions of TV the problem persists, for sure that you must change the cable.


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