There comes a time in your life that you feel that some enterprises are cheating you and they only search of you to take benefit and to squeeze at maximum your pocket. And you, little customer, you really need the product that offer you the enterprise because is too late for abandoning; you are so glued to the product that it is impossible to unstuck.

The marketing brains explore infinite possibilities until they find the magic formula for taking benefit one and another time, giving to you the product in little quantities, knowing that when the product ends you need to replace it for another equal.

But what most worries me is when you buy the product and without to use it, the product starts to go to waste. And I’m not speaking about expiration date, I’m telling about a present time where the product begins to be consumed without to have used it.

The example, the clearest about what I’m telling is about inkjet ink cartridges and printers. I think that the fault is more for printers than for ink, thought each other walk together on the same path. My question is:

- How is it possible that a printer, from one day to another, it feels dirty and without ask you it starts to clean itself wasting half cartridge of ink?


- How is it possible that if yesterday you printed a photo very well, the next day when you are printing another picture or text, the quality low until the point of trying to clean yourself the printer, until you can see on the sheet that all the colours are very well printed, having therefore, wasted another half of the ink cartridge?

Anyway, there isn’t nothing as a good PDF on a screen!

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