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Aliens invading the Earth

Like what Christopher Columbus started on the New World in that fateful date of October 12th 1492, it would be similar for aliens trying:

- FIRST: Hello, how are you? Here, some presents from our planet. We hope to be friends and establishing good relations of affection, love and friendship.

- SECOND: You are a stupid race, arrogant, filthy capitalists … you are welcome to the new world that we are going to build for you, little humans.

Mankind doesn’t like to be dominated. We are hunters and fighters by nature. Enough problems we have here with some countries that are trying to impose their thoughts, religion and domination over all the Earth, as for thinking on the possibility that extraterrestrial forces would like getting power over us too.

So, it’s evidence that if we aren’t alone on the Universe, I hope that aliens rest quiet on their respective planets and don’t be curious about what is happening on our dear Earth.


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