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John Reno was driving nearly in the morning on one of those interminable desert highways. With the only company of the radio, he was humming a song of Billy Currington: “Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer"

I wasn't born for diggin deep holes
I'm not made for pavin long roads
I aint cut out to climb high line poles
But I'm pretty good at drinkin beer

So he was thinking in a cold beer when suddenly in front of him, some metres there sufficient for stopping the car, appeared a strange hairy figure. He went out the car and asked to the weird creature:

- Do you need a hairdresser?

- Yes, I need!

- But before we need some beers, you seem thirsty!

The weird hairy man agreed and sat on the John’s car. He drove some kilometres more until the exit on the A49, and stopped the car on a drinking bar. It was full of truckers, smoke and on the TV they were watching the National football Final four, so they didn’t notice the weird man. On the radio was playing another song of Billy Currington: "People Are Crazy"

This old man and me, were at the bar and we
Were having us some beers and swaping I dont cares
Talking politics, blonde and red-head chicks
Old dogs and new tricks and habits we aint kicked


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