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Girl texting a message crossing the street

There are some studies that seem stupid because the evidence of the fact is so big that really is absurd to do a research about. It happens in this new silly investigation:

- “Millions of people are putting their lives at risk by texting their friends as they walk along busy streets

The ridiculous of this study is that they only focalise on mobile phone, when in reality it would happen too while, for example: you are reading a book or newspaper, you are watching the look of your naked feet in your new sandals, you are watching the sky because you have noticed an UFO…

It’s evidence that if you are walking on the street with the eyes don’t fix on what are in front of you, the most probable is that you stumble against something or somebody, with a serious injury or not.

Anyway, you always need this advices based on scientific studies for knowing that if you don’t pay attention to things that are around you, it can be dangerous for you.


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