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Terry Jones burning Koran books

There are people that are crazy at all, and the most worrying is that they believe with blinded eyes that their arguments are the truth, when in reality they only are paranoiac stories that their mind fancy. But the big problem isn’t only to think about a fantasy, the worst is that they are able to accomplish their own inventions and to carry them until the end.

It happens with Terry Jones, pastor of a small and little-known Baptist church in the city of Gainesville, Florida. It has attracted worldwide attention by declaring his intention to mark the ninth anniversary of September 11 by a burning Korans. Like Hitler on the burning of books, this mad man must be closed on a psychiatric centre instead to go for free claiming that Muslims aren’t human beings.

Revenge and hate are bad advisers. So influenced for these two words, Terry Jones seems more a possessed by the devil than a pastor who predicts good actions to their parishioners. Fortunately the entire world has condemned this action making known that it isn’t the way to follow for going together all the people, cultures and religions living here on the planet Earth.


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