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I don’t believe this news, but as is published on a serious newspaper I must agree: “British teenager banned from America for life after sending Barack Obama abusive email” It results that a drunken girl angry about the imperfections of Obama sent to him a lot of emails where she said him a lot of things but any good, on the contrary she said that he was an asshole, bastard… but what disturbed more to Obama was the word PRICK: “derogatory term used to sum up the existence of a worthless asshole

The strongest was that “the FBI intercepted the message and contacted police in the UK who went to see Mr Angel at his home in Silsoe, Bedfordshire.” Imagine that you are writing a message to don’t matter the person and suddenly, some hours after you hear to knock and when you open the door is a police man who says you that you are under arrest for sending a message which the person in question didn’t like.

It is incredible until the point where things are arriving with Internet Police. For more than you want to surf anonymously, you can’t. Always there is a code, a track, a connexion which says that you were the person that you stayed there. Especially if are going from one site to another insulting, disturbing, or sending messages not precisely of love.

Really people are angry with crises world, Afghanistan war, Al Qaeda… and sometimes people think that politicians are only puppets like a TV show. But what people forget is that politicians are flesh and blood like me and you, so it isn’t question of going offending, because in this case really you are the real asshole.


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