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A poll says that Obama fails in economy

Obama isn’t God, or a superhero that can save the world from the devil, even he isn’t an extraterrestrial with a super developed brain able to solve all the mathematical problems.

Barack Obama is human. He is a person like me and you, with the simple fact that he is working in one of the worst jobs in the Earth: “to manage millions of people and try to give to them solutions for their quotidian problems” This is similar to play to be GOD, but with the difference that Obama is made of flesh and blood.

So, isn’t strange to read in the newspapers: “More than half of Americans believe Barack Obama is doing a bad job on the economy

If sometimes is difficult to manage home economics for trying that in the end of the month rests some money still on the bank account, as for try to manage the budget of millions of people that are living in the Earth. Because, the most times his decisions not only impact over American people, the rest of the countries receive too as good decisions as bad decisions.


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