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Parrot trained for warning drug cartel is arrested by the police

If the other day I was telling the story about a parrot that became super hero in an exotic shop, now I must tell the opposite side, a parrot which became allied of the evil: “A parrot in Colombia has been arrested after it was seized during a police drugs raid

The parrot in question was trained for warning a local drug cartel. When police approached near the site where the mafia gang had their hiding place the parrot started to yell:

- “Run, run you are going to get caught!”

The most worrying about this news is that authorities know that this parrot is one of nearly 1700 parrots seized by officials after being trained by drug traffickers to act as lookouts.

Animals are the best pets for humans. They give company without waiting more than food and some petting. They are unable to do evil at least that you train them for this horrible fact. Who train animals for become badly, they should be converted on worms for feeling what they feel when they are crushed below the wheel of a truck.


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