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The first time that I entered at Parish Hilton’s house I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. I was astonished with all the luxury things that she had collected from the best design stores of the world.

But what most impressed me was her large library. I thought that she was asshole at all, until the point of thinking that she only knew read what on the money was printed. But no, she was very clever and she wasn’t only interested on fashion magazines about what will be the best solid oak flooring for decorating a room. She was so clever that on the table had an opened book of the great philosopher Plato.

Even, near this book had a notebook where she had written some clever words, and not precisely about the list of new luxury stuff for her mansion. I dared to read what she had written, lighting her philosophical notes with my flashlight: “Experience is the hardest teacher. She gives the test first and the lesson afterwards

It was the first and the last time that I visited the Paris Hilton’s house, because after to bump with a statue of bronze that there was in the middle of the living room, all the alarms began to sound loudly, so one hundred members of the security appeared over me in seconds, without time to react.

Condemned to sixty years of prison, it was the last memory that I had of my life in freedom. I tried to sell my story on the newspapers, saying that she was cleverest than the gossip magazines tell about her, but any journalist believed me. They only prefer to say that she is asshole at all because the lie sells more newspapers and magazines than the truth.


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