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Lady Gaga giving an apple to Little red riding hood

Every generation has its artists and they influence over people, especially on the youth. Because when one becomes adult, these kinds of things really doesn’t matter enough as for trying to pretend being like the celebrity of the moment. But young people are more influenced by these types of stories. So, parents must try to open the eyes of their children for that they don’t become like their “gods”.

Lady Gaga is in this moments the person who influences more over the young generation. Really, she is a big artist with a good voice and their songs arrive to deeper feelings. But her behaviour and scenery is nearest from a porn film than to Alice in wonderland. Really, I exaggerate with this comparison, but she isn’t precisely a good example to follow for young people.

Yes, I’m sure that for being a celebrity in the middle of the beasts you need to do that people notice you. For sure that, without all these provocative marketing actions, she would be a sheep more in the field.


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