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A neighbour told me that some days ago a friend of him went to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes as a habit that he had from a lot of years ago. He doesn’t believe a lot on those things about miracles, religion and saints able to heal somebody, but the excursion is good and the town is beautiful. So you can pass a week-end there for only visiting, without the need to pray or putting candles to a virgin.

The last time that he was there, he filled a plastic bottle with water of a fountain near the sanctuary. Tired of Lourdes, he decided to finish the week-end driving to Monte Carlo for playing some money on the famous Casino.

When he was playing on the roulette, he felt thirsty, so he drank of the water that he had taken from the fountain in Lourdes town. Miraculously, the roulette stopped in the box where he had bet his cash. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A big jackpot was for him!

At home, he thought about what had happened that week-end, where the fortune had smiled him for first time in his life, because, until now, he had played lotto without any hope of winning nothing.

He thought in the possibility that really Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes was magic and that water was the responsible of his fortune. So he decided to return to Lourdes with a big carafe for filling it with that magical water. But when he arrived to the point where he had filled his plastic bottle for first time, the fountain there wasn’t yet there. And for many times that he searched, the fountain had disappeared for always.

- “Miracles, only happen once on your live” – he thought.


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