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From werewolf to men without hair soon

Trend about hairy men is losing. Before, primitive men needed that all their skin was covered with a thick coat of hair, especially if they lived in a cold environment. This layer saved them from the weather and really intimidates other hairy animals.

But not all were advantages: it represented for lice a paradise, thing that did to the primitive men to scratch continuously their skin, so much scratching that they finished for losing loads of hair.

This natural lost of hair, especially due to incorporation of clothes that saved them from adverse weather, was progressively until nowadays. But what happens today? That we are losing hair from a no normal process of the nature. We are eliminating our hair with gadgets that give us a naked appearance. Even the most men of the world are wearing a naked head and depilation isn’t only considered for women.

It’s the fight against hairy ugliness, searching to mowing the tiniest hair that appears in our skin.


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