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Stunning stone balancing art

I remembered my holidays on the beach when I read this news: “Big rocks on top of other big rocks” Really I tried to put some stones above others for building a Stonehenge and it cost me a lot of work, sweat and to finish like a prawn because of the sun. With the result that you can see in my post: “Building a fake Stonehenge on the beach

With no glue, no adhesive tape, no welding, no cheating involved in any of the photographs, no magnets, no computer trickery… Adrian only world with the only glue that Nature uses: Gravity.

What a like more about this new is a commentator that tells: “It is all very well and good until you go to your local beach and find that the beach has been cordoned off because one stone has fallen and killed a small dog and broke a child's foot” It’s a thing to consider if you are going to visit the work of Adrian Gray, for sure!

Being artist isn’t easy, so you must try to imagine every day new elements to compose an artwork. To convert something natural into a bizarre shape can be considered art and is only question of giving to the set a beautiful composition.


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