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9/11 it wasn't an horror film, it was real

9/11 it was a real story unfortunately. Sure that the most people would have preferred to see this argument in the cinema just as another stupid movie. But, really it happened and people around the world assisted in direct to the brutal attempt, not only against Americans, if not against all the humanity that don’t think as that criminal gang.

After all this time, the maximum responsible of that situation, Osama Bin Laden, is still laughing about the incompetence of military services, unable to find him. In some remote place of the Earth, for sure that he is watching one and another time the video of the crash and how the imperialist capitalism was going down. A disturbed mind that is still thinking on new terror stories against people that don’t think like him. And the worst is not that he thinks, the worst is that he carries on until convert his awful fantasies in real situations.

Only a disturbed mind can elaborate a similar twisted plan like which happened the 9/11. Other disturbed mind can elaborate similar terror stories, but fortunately they only are written for appearing on the screen of a cinema.


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