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There are some people that aren’t managed by themselves. Voices from beyond enter in their brains and dominate them until the point of getting that they do things or actions that in their normal awareness don’t dare to do. Extraterrestrial voices, ghost voices, devil voices? It’s complicated to identify them because it belongs to the paranormal science and it isn’t developed at all as other sciences.

The last case has happened some days ago: “A middle-aged woman in Coventry has been caught on hidden camera security putting a cat into a wheelie bin for no apparent reason and walking away” She apologized her action after appearing on all the news “'I cannot explain why I did this” she declared in front of the journalists.

But according to untrustworthy sources from beyond arrived to my blog, I can confirm that she was sure that in the moment that she saw the cat, she was seeing the devil in person disguised with cat skin, which offered to her dishonest propositions. It is for this reason that she actuated just like that.

The woman who threw a cat into the rubbish bin thought that the cat was the devil


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