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Man recorded dog's bark and played it loudly for disturbing the neighbour's dog which bodered him

Did you have the temptation of revenging against those neighbours that play loud music in their hi-fi stereo and it rumbles hard on your home? Or for example, did you have thought about the possibility of taking a hard action against that neighbour’s dog that barks in the middle of the night and doesn’t leave you to sleep quietly?

Really, if one day you decide to revenge against a noisy neighbour, you will lose for sure. It happened to “a man who recorded his neighbour's dog barking and played it full blast at 3am” So what happened in the mind of the victim? He was annoyed at all about the fact of having a neighbour with a dog which constantly was barking, doesn’t matter the hour on the day. So he decided to revenge. When the dog barked the man approached to his neighbour’s fence and banged it for trying to stop the dog’s barks. The angry man arrived until the extreme of record the dog’s bark and to use it against the dog, thing that bothered the dog’s owners, who tired of his bad behaviour, decided to prosecute him.

Revenge is bad adviser, so the best always is going to the court if you are annoyed for some circumstances. The owners of the dog prosecuted their neighbour, and the court gave them the reason. If for the contrary, instead of trying to revenge against the dog, the man had gone to the court, might be that they would have condemned the dog for disturbing his peace and tranquillity.


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