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- "For good luck that this coin had to bring me, the truth is that for the moment it is only bringing me headaches” – I said to myself in my mental imagination.

For making matters worse, a fly that looked half dead, chewed and spit by the carnivorous plant where I had landed, awoke of its soporific lethargy, it took my precious coin and without to say neither “have a nice day man!” it turned around and went out flying.

Prisoner on a hungry dionaea muscipula

When I tried to react, it was too later, because the “Dionaea muscipula” closed its jaws and left me hostage between its sharp teeth. From my agnostic position, it was a situation very difficult, because I couldn't pray for some God which could help me of the danger, so I appealed again to my fairy godmother, in which I had blind faith.


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