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There are situations in our lives that paralyze us. And I’m not speaking about for example physical placements where you must stay without advancing like the queue for buying a ticket for a concert or when you are bending for picking up some thing on the floor and your back doesn’t want to restore its normal position by fault of a sharp pain.

The story starts with “an American neuroscientist that has developed a rare condition that leaves him paralysed when he feels the emotion of love” It’s evidence, for example that if you are going to the beach with all those women in their little bikini, you will become a statue without move your eyes over that beautiful ass or topless. But it isn’t a disease for you, and only happens to you with nice-looking people, for only some seconds.

Other typical situation in which you feel paralysed:

- A robber enters in a bank and aims you with a gun.

- You are watching a terror film in the cinema and a murderer starts to kill wildly the victim.

- In the supermarket you stare on the tomatoes prices.

- Reading on the Newspaper that Obama is extraterrestrial.

All these situations are considered as normal if they don’t last more than a few seconds. If the paralysis lasts more than normal it could be considered a disease, so you need urgent treatment.


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