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For some people the last days of August mean the return at home after to have passed their holidays in amazing places. In results of this return, the most tourists try to find a gift from their destination to their home, for showing, when they come back, to their relatives how extraordinary was the country and the exotic souvenir that they have got to carry with them without suspicion passing through the customs.

It happened to a woman, but with the misfortune that she was caught by the security members of an airport in Thailand. Into her suitcase the police found: “a drugged tiger cub in her passenger's suitcase among soft toys” Really, she thought that police in airports are silly at all and they didn’t find the difference between a cuddle bear toy and a true animal. So camouflaged as a sweet cuddle tiger among other toys it would be easy for passing the scanners without suspicion.

In declarations to the police: “she denied that the luggage with the cub belonged to her and said that another passenger had asked her to carry it for them”, but this cheap excuse is used in the most cases with traffic of drugs, exotic animals, or archaeological objects that must be declared on the customs before to pass to another country. Thing that in the 100% of the cases never happen because it is considered by the police as a felony.

So, be careful with the objects, animals or substances that you try to pass to your country for remembering the amazing holidays that you have passed. Remember that police is cleverer than you.


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