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Cloned cows

Future is a situation that we mustn’t leave to watch with attention. We can’t watch to another side and forgot that there are new advances and they touch us directly. Especially when they are more from a book of science fiction that a real situation taken out of the nature. And really, there are advances in science that worry us more than other because we don’t understand the behaviour of this new situation.

I read with astonishment and preoccupation: “Milk from the offspring of a cloned cow is being sold in British shops” Reality say us that cloning is a real fact in our society yet, and little by little, science are introducing this new term into our lives without that we realize that it is happening. So, one of the first feelings that we can have is the fact of to be eating and drinking food that until now we could consider natural, when in reality there are a transformation of the nature.

It will arrive a moment where on the consummation products, producers will have to stick a label where we can read: “This product is manufactured by a cloned animal” for knowing that we aren’t consuming a fresh product of the nature.


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