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Britney Spears left her costume of Peggy

Celebrity people don’t let me to surprise me every day. They are wealthy, rich, millionaires … they have all the money that they want for becoming from one day to another in a different person. It happened recently to Britney Spears, who we can read on the newspaper: “Britney Spears' legs went from porky to perfect in just two weeks

So isn’t problem for them, if one month they decide to pass about diets, jogging, gym… For them it’s question too for enjoying things than the rest of people do; not all is question of being a sweet model of catwalk. If they want to pass a week eating in a burger store, there isn’t problem.

But on the contrary of the rest of the people, you simple person going an entirely week to a burger store, you will become a fat, nasty and disgusting person. They, wealthy celebrities, after that week, can return to their daily activity as if nothing had happened. Why? Because they have loads of money for engaging the best surgeons, trainers, nutritionists… and to become again the extraordinary celebrity that they were, and you simple person, you would remain made a porky.


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