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Once the big monkey was recovered of the wild wrestling kick which Alexandra had punished it, we asked what was going wrong on its brain for torturing innocent people. The big monkey told us:

- “In that years, where NASA was doing strange experiments sending animals to the space for proving their resistance and other studies, I was a little baby monkey when they took me out of my family. NASA sent me to the outer space with Mars as destination. And once arrived to the planet I felt alone and abandoned. Luckily, aliens found and carried me with them. Kept in an alien civilisation they experimented with me and I acquired their knowledge too. One day I achieved to escape in a spaceship and I got to return to the Earth swearing to revenge of all the humanity, which I considered such evil for leaving me alone instead to protect me.”

The big monkey's weird abduction tale

We were stunned hearing the tale of the big monkey.


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