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While in the third world people are starving, thirsty… and without simple vaccines or medical resources for healing their diseases, here in the first world we star to live in 3D. Technologies are advancing, less for people that can’t afford the new gadgets, even here in this crazy first world, where rich people are richer and poor are poorer.

3D becomes the new business of this century, so a lot of enterprises will take profit about this new invention:

- OPHTHALMOLOGIST: It will be indispensable to go to their office for testing your eyes if you are short-sighted. The big problem will come if you only see by one eye, you have astigmatism, or another illness related.

- OPTICIAN: With the prescription of your tested eyes, Optician will be the person who will give you the option of choosing between hundreds of glasses or contact lenses and will adapt the lenses for than you can see in 3D.

- TV BUILDERS: If the next year you spent a lot of money buying a spectacular new TV, tomorrow sure that it will go to the rubbish (to carry to the recycling centre would be the best option) New apparels equipped with 3D are appearing in the market.

- CINEMAS: With this new technology people feel like again to return to the cinema. 3D films represent new emotions, feelings, and sensations never felt until now.
It’s a revolution in our lives, abandoning a world that until now we were watching in 2D for passing to watch in 3D.

It’s a revolution in our lives, leaving a world that until now we were watching in 2D for passing to watch in 3D.


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