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Man fighting against mosquitoes

Human beings and mosquitoes aren’t friends. There is always a war between us. We for killing them and they for biting us. So, to establish a period of peace is impossible. The battle is perpetual, especially when summer arrives or living in areas where they feel good.

Who suffer more the effects of a mosquito bite are women. They have a stronger reaction to the bites than men, because they are “more aware of their skin”. Women always taking care of their delicate skin don’t support that a mosquito spoils their work of art made with hundreds of lotions, depilation sessions, make-up...

The best for combating mosquitoes isn’t “eating strongly flavoured foods like garlic and onions” It is evidence that those elements only work in vampire movies. Crucifixes, wooden stakes, prayer books, holy water or a gun with silver bullets are stuff that doesn’t have any effect against mosquitoes too.

There is nothing better than having to hand a spray which pulverizing toxic substances for killing them.


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