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Money flying

It would be the dream of your life. One day, walking doesn’t matter where, stars to rain money and you have the luck of to be in this place for grabbing all that you can. It’s evidence that money don’t rain just like for chance, there must have some explication for this action, for example:

- A man on the point of to die wants to be generous with the city where he has lived all his life, and raising to the top of the higher building stars to spread all his fortune that he had hidden below his mattress.

It happened really in Italy: “Thousands of euro coins spill on motorway” A van charged with money that transported it for a bank had an accident on the motorway. So drivers that were behind stopped and instead to help the victims started to collect all the money that they can. Police appealed for the public were so grateful of returning the money.

Our parents, when we were children say us that if you found some on the street, it would be your obligation to carry it to the police for verifying their owner. But when it’s money question get them on the pocket and look away.


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