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God creating the Universe

It’s impossible to imagine what happened in the beginnings of the Universe. I’m not able to find an answer to how the world was created, when at first sure that there wasn’t nothing. And I doubt if really was a superior being who with some magical words created all that we know or made it using advanced technology and millions of equations for unleashing galaxies and planets.

Recently some pictures took by the Europe's Planck telescope show us how the Universe is and how it is developing. It represents an extraordinary map of treasuries to discover; a guide for beginning the conquest of unknown worlds.

For the moment, the worst for us, it’s the problem to arrive quickly farther. The distances between planets and galaxies are very large and we don’t know how to go faster for getting them. When the human beings resolve this question, it will be the time to say that the conquest of the space will have started seriously.


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