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Message in a plastic bottle

It’s incredible that a plastic bottle can traverse oceans, seas… without to sink, even knowing that it must fight against storms, whales… and that there is a possibility between a million that didn’t arrive to their destination.

Generally, people looking that bottle floating on the sea would consider rubbish, and would star saying that there are a lot of people very dirty, until the point to throw a simple bottle to the sea instead to put it in the container of recycling.

Today I found one bottle on the shore. At first I considered it as rubbish, and really I’m one of these kinds on people that don’t support to see garbage outside of the trash container. So I crouched for picking up the object with the intention to throw away. But looking into the bottle I saw a piece of paper. So I opened the bottle, I got the paper and I read:

- “Silly who reads this!”

After reading this silliness I arrived to the conclusion that there are people that besides being dirty are bastards!


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