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Russian agents have been arrested in EEUU for taking part of an espionage operation. The people involved wanted to get secret information about:

- COCA-COLA FORMULE: One of the best saved secrets of the story. A lot of imitations have gone out for trying to conquer the market of refreshing drinks, but none of them have defeated their leader position in the market.

- COPY & PASTE: Create new technologies cost a lot of money, but if you get, for example, the design of new rockets for going to mars, it is a valuable time that you have saved, even to avoid to pay money for a scientist thinks about.

- HOLLYWOOD: Russian movies are nothing compared with American films, so some spy agents were caught taking photos notes and screenplays in Steven Spielberg’s home.

Unfortunately for them the entire spy network has been dismantled. Some errors of calculation and people involved that were rookies, it did that the operation was a failure.

They left a lot of tracks everywhere, like: “Tracks of fingers with ketchup on secret documents or photos greeting the camera after to have successful entering in secret rooms”, thing that permitted police to find them quickly.

Russian government apologize the episode trying to play down the importance of this incident, and their president said:

- “Next time we will try to do less noise, excuse us!


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