Opening my mailbox I found an advertisement about an event with God as first character. The title of the pamphlet is: “How do you can approach to God?” During the event the experts on the matter will answer some questions about the figure of God and its implication on the human life. I, inveterate agnostic, will try to answer to these questions:

1/- What does God for approaching to every one of us?

- I think that for some people it approaches more than for others. I would like to pass a similar day than a millionaire but I only finish showering alone in my bubble bath”. I think that I deserve the same than a wealthy. We are all children of God.

2/- Why should we want to approach to God?

- The problem is that God only exists in the imagination of people. So, if a neighbour watched that you are going to speak with a dense fog in the garden, probably they would call the shrink and you will finish in the funny farm.

3/- How does God for fortressing the family if we are near it?

- The most evident would be that your family, touched by the holy hands of God, were the envy of the neighbourhood. Even for the Christmas meal, the source of all the conflicts. But how God doesn’t exist, family disputes are the food of every day.

4/- How does God help us to face the life every day?

- I don’t think if God is going to help me when I wake up. I use another method and more effective for me. When I wake up, if my masculine member is glad I think that today will be a good day. But if on the contrary my member is off, it will be question of taking the day carefully.

The best of all this, would be that you wouldn’t need a divinity for walking on the life. Simply, it would be question of trying to do the best than you can without bother the rest.

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