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Obama is compared to Hitler and Lenin, while God and Satan are kissing each other

Might be that Obama isn’t a saint, and sure that he has decided some wrong things, but no for that is reason to compare Obama with Hitler or Lenin. This reaction from Tea Party Movement is more extracted of the anger than for what really is. It is like to say that God is nearest Satan because the divinity permits violence on the Earth instead to fight against it and to convert the planet in a true paradise.

Obama isn’t comparable with Hitler because:

- The dictator was an exterminator. He only believed in his own race. He would like to conquest the world with the weapons force, intimidating who didn’t think as him.

Obama isn’t comparable with Lenin because:

- His thoughts were far away of the capitalism. He worked to create a socialist economic system: “a system of workers' democracy in which workers would have the political power”. Utopia on the Obama’s thoughts.

Anyway, the Tea Party Movement, with this action or similar in the future, the unique that they want is to take attention over them. Like Lady Gaga and her extravagant clothes.


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