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Shark near the beach

My feet rested on the sand, while I watched the sea, but suddenly a big shark appeared on the water, so it meant the end of my holidays. I wanted to swim, to dive, to pass some funny days splashing in the water, but the presence of this animal disturbed my dear holidays on the sea.

No option to approach to the water while that beast was there. Sure, I’m the worst swimmer in the world, and even a jellyfish give me bad feeling if it is swimming near me, so those jaws pointing to my flesh body didn’t give me any opportunity to taste the saltwater.

Luckily I always carry with me the red telephone. Yes, I stole it one day that I was visiting the White House (don’t tell Mr. Bush please, and don’t ask me how I got this valuable object), so I called Steven Spielberg for some advices about sharks and sharp jaws.

Yes, I cut some current electrical cables that workers always left hanging in the street and introduced them in the mouth of the shark. The explosion was amazing, and the shark finished sliced for fortune of my lunch.

The city is in the dark now by fault of the shark short circuit and authorities are treating to search the guilty of this situation, but I ‘m very glad because at last I can take a bath quietly on the sea, although it is in the darkness.


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