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Global warming: very hot summer season

This summer season is very hot doesn’t matter where you live. According to some experts they say that the raise of temperatures will be considered like a natural disaster. So if you get injured by the sun, don’t call to the assurance company that sure take this option how plausible for don’t pay the damage.

I read in the newspaper an original manner to fighting against it: “Inventor paints mountains white to combat climate change” If the snow isn’t going to the mountain then paint it in. So pretending do things that nature doesn’t want to do more is a low cost remedy against global warming. Really it is simply a manner to protest and not one solution for the future of the melting of the glaciers.

Seriously climate change won’t fix if doesn’t have a brutal change on the thoughts of people. There are many interests in the world that don’t want to do nothing. They only look out their business and it doesn’t matter for them. They prefer to say that all is by fault of the sun that heats a lot.


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