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I always try to understand other customs, cultures and folks. It’s evidence that we live in a global world, and everyone can act as they feel best. Each individual person belongs, with more or less integration or belief, to the society where they have been born. And with more or less identification to the place where they live, they adapt their identity to the environment.

But, what happens when they change their habitual residence and are obliged to migrate to other countries for searching a new level of life? They have their aptitudes learned from their country, so when they arrive to their new destination is difficult for them to do a real integration in the new society where they are obliged to live.

One of the things that more astonished me is immigrant women and their clothes. I think that for much that they want to understand our weather, they don’t want to recognize that they are living in a different zone and they should change their acquired customs.

Here in Barcelona, where I live, now is summer. So I don’t understand how women follow wearing clothes that cover all their body. It’s a hot season, here the warm temperatures are raising a lot, so the best manner to combat these hot days is wearing short clothes. We are very tolerant, anybody will tell to your beliefs that you are wearing clothes more appropriate for winter than for summer. Also isn’t question of doing topless, only is question to wear the appropriate clothes for the season.

I don’t want to imagine myself cover until the head with similar clothes. It is like to live in a permanent sauna.


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