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It is incredible how there are people that are as filthy rich as for leaving their wealth on a hotel. It happened some days ago in a hotel of London:

- “A mystery woman left behind £500,000 worth of jewellery after checking out of a Mayfair hotel”.

Quickly I called to the hotel for investigating the name of this mysterious woman and just like that to have an exclusive for winning the Pulitzer of homely journalism. Luckily for my understanding oral English, I spoke with Manuel, a Mexican waiter, which told me:

- “We thought that it was the tip for the entire service staff. But thinking after, we realise that wealthy people like leaving this kind of misery tips that make us angry at all. After, we like gossiping in the kitchen between us: Watch this kind of filthy people that bath on Champagne and leave us only the bubbles!

With tears in her eyes, the mysterious woman, sitting on the plane on the point of leaving London, realised that she had forgotten some of her jewels in the hotel. Luckily for her, there are people that it is equal for them if all their life they are poor and prefer to be honest than rich stealing. So, in the last moment, before the plane set off, a member of the hotel returned her forgotten jewels.

It was the best marketing for the hotel to return the jewels to her, sure that tomorrow a lot of wealthy customers will go to this hotel for having a sincere service staff.


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