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We had studied at primary school that cows produces milk and we benefit about their properties. Milk is an elemental and necessary food for developing our organism. Especially indicated for children in growth stage. You know neighbours, relatives… who have children that are taller than their own parents, even on court ages. It is by success of milk and its derivates: yogurt, cheese, butter…

But people need news experiences and new products to taste. If it is your case, you are lucky! Milk from camels could soon be on sale in supermarkets. Yes, those beasts typical of the desert also can offer you milk. And according to experts that this milk has some benefits from people that can’t drink cow’s milk by fault of the lactose intolerance. Even this kind of milk is high in vitamin C.

Camels are a profitable business for humans. They get a lot of money from them:

- Tourists pay money for riding with them or simply for getting over and to take some photos.

- They are used as lorry for transporting big amounts of stuff through the desert.

- If you are thirsty you can perforate their hump, to place a tap in, and to drink all the water that they have.

In exchange, they don’t get anything. They only serve as useful animals. And now, even they will be used like a cow. Poor animals!


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