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Tap water transformed in Holy Water

To have a great idea and to know how develop it can carry you to the wealth. The worst is when this fancied source of richness is transformed in a big lie. To cheat people with things that you, big liar, know that only are a hope for people that really need it, is a shit on a stick.

It happens in this info where we can read:

- “A South Korean medical professor who invented a digital device he claimed could transform tap water into holy water is facing fraud charges”.

It results that this man got water from the shrine to the Virgin Mary at Lourdes, in France and with a device invented for him he said that it converted the tap water in holy water, like a water purification.

This man doesn’t have any consideration and has played with people that really needed a miracle for healing their different illnesses. To take profit of these kind of people without a result that would be considered how satisfactory and really miraculous is to jail this person for his entire life.


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