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I built fake Stonehenge on the beach

The beach was full of stones, so I decided to pass my free time building a fake Stonehenge on the sand of the beach. While other people like passing their time sunbathing, I prefer to toast my skin making some useful thing. I remembered a report on TV where they spoke about the famous stones and I decided to be a worker of that historical monument.

Sincerely, to try to search the best random stones in the shore for the building is very difficult. There are a lot of shapes to choose: high, big, small, plane, thick… After to have chosen the stones that you consider are the best, it’s time to star placing them in circle.

Nerves were in my hands trying to put the superior stones, those that join each other. In my ninth attempt I had successful and the construction was finished. Some people that were around me trying to guess the stupidity that I was building clapped their hands shouting:

- Bravo, bravo, bravo, bravo…!

A wealthy American astonished for my fake Stonehenge bought it to me for one million of dollars. I’m dreaming still, although I think that I did a bad sale. I never must sell it, because might be that some hide powers were on the stones. Powers that could have converted me in a superhero or something similar.


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